Financial Licensing Advisors (FLA) is a global specialist in Financial Licensing Services. We’ve been instrumental in establishing dozens of banks and Financial Institutions throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and in Various Jurisdictions, we bring that expertise to our customers all over the world with licensing services in more than 43 Countries. If you wish to Start a Bank, License a Bank or Financial Institution, Buy a Bank, Sell a Bank, find Banks for Sale worldwide, or need help Becoming a Bank, Starting a Bank Business or Financial Institution, we have the expertise, experience and reach to help you succeed.

FLA is the largest, and the only, one stop advisory company offering integrated solutions for Financial Licensing Services Providers both in Onshore and Offshore Jurisdictions. We can assist you with an array of specific needs including Setup, Structuring, Planning, Implementation, Issuance and Management of any type of Financial Business that you require.

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In addition to helping our clients Starting up Banks, Licensing any type of Financial Institutions or Buying and Selling Banks, our services include Gaming Licensing, assistance with establishing IB Accounts, and a variety of Core Banking Software and IT Services that can help you efficiently and securely manage your financial institution.

We are the leader in Financial Licensing Services within the Caribbean and in Overseas Offshore Territories around the World. Contact us today if you are looking to Buy a turnkey Bank, Sell a Bank or Financial institution, Become a Bank, Set up a Gaming Company, or need to License a Bank or any other Financial Services Company FLA is here to help make these complex processes easier, so contact us down below to get started.

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Financial Licensing Advisor offers services that are highly specific to the Banking and the Financial sector and to some online gambling / gaming industries. We are also highly recognized in the Investment Banking Sector for the Establishment of Banks, and various M&A Financial Vehicles, we are the world Leader when it comes to buying or selling financial institutions worldwide. As such, we offer all the services you need to successfully purchase a bank, start a bank or banking business, License an MSB or Forex Broker and Setup Credit Businesses (Credit Union or Similar), apply for an Online Gaming License, and much more.

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In broad terms, Financial Licensing Advisors can help you with:

  • Bank and Financial Institution Takeovers
  • Bank Startups
  • Bank Management and Outsourcing
  • Purchase and Stock Placement of Financial Institution
  • Core Banking Software Integration and Deployment
  • Bank Specific IT Consulting Services
  • Internal Intranet Software and Server Deployment Services in Compliance with Financial Standards.

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    Some of the more specific services we can assist you with include:

  • Bank Setup and Formation (BP Design, Application, Licensing, Intermediary Accounts, Compliance, Auditing, Banking Relations, etc.)
  • Buy and Sell Banks and Financial Institutions all over the World.
  • Establishment and Licensing of MSB (BP Design, Application, Licensing, Intermediary Accounts, Compliance, Auditing, Banking Relations, etc.)
  • Credit Union Formation (BP Design, Application, Licensing, Intermediary Accounts, Compliance, Auditing, Banking Relations, etc.)
  • Payment Processing Companies (BP Design, Application, Licensing, Intermediary Accounts, Compliance, Auditing, Banking Relations, General Advisory, etc.)
  • Creation and Licensing of Forex Brokers and Forex Retail and Online Exchange Services (BP Design, Licensing, IT Services, Intermediary Accounts, General Advisory, Auditing)
  • Online Gaming Licensing (Application, Licensing, IT Services, Legal and General Advisory)
  • Setup and Licensing of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Broker Dealers and Bitlicense Companies: Formation and Licensing of Crypto exchanges authorized to trade any digital asset on the international market without limitation.
  • Trust Formation (Trust Management Firms, Sole Trusts, Licensing, etc.)
  • Funds and other Specific Type Structure Formations.
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    We have prepared various comprehensive guides, articles and tools covering most of the information you may need.

    If you want to Buy a Bank, find out How much does it Cost to buy a Bank of Financial Institution, Review the Banks we have for Sale or find out anything related with How to Acquire a Bank visit the “Buying a Bank Dashboard Menu”.

    If you want to License a Bank, find out the Requirements to Start a Bank, or Download our How to Become a Bank Guide, and How to Start a Bank Online Whitepaper, go to the “License a Bank Dashboard”.

    If you want to Buy and Sell your Bank or Financial Institution, Open Correspondent bank Accounts, find out the Bitlicense Requirements for Crypto Businesses or Deploy Core Banking Software then go to the “Financial Licensing Dashboard”.



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    financial licensing advisors

    We are a single stop solution provider, offering most of the services that you will need when designing or managing a financial institution. We have created dozens of banks and financial institutions Worldwide, and we are the largest provider for Financial Licensing and Advisory Services in the World. Find out what Financial Licensing Advisors can do for you!


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